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As a filmmaker, you’re probably concerned with getting as many of your production dollars up there on screen as possible. Investing in a script clearance report by IndieClear helps you do that.

Having your production attorney review your IndieClear Report is much more cost effective than having him/her do the script clearance research directly. An entertainment attorney can charge from $100 to $400 an hour. A professional-researched script clearance report and revision review reports throughout production could add up to 20 hours. The math is simple. Contact us for a free, no-obligation quote.


Our research methodology involves more than a browser search. Our extensive research protocol includes national and international business and corporation sources, trademark and copyright sources, professional directories, international news sources, reference sources, and subscription databases.

We maintain a continuously updated contact database of state and municipal government agencies, professional licensing organizations, and law enforcement agencies throughout North America. And have an extensive entertainment and intellectual property database.


IndieClear specializes in script clearance reports for independent film, television and web projects.  The researcher assigned to your script handles it from start to finish, providing you with a consistent contact and individual attention.  No matter the size or location of story we have the experience to help you get your script ready to shoot with confidence.

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