Script Research

While script clearance research is usually done on the shooting script, you may sometimes need more general research performed while the story is still in development. IndieClear can help you with this, too.

For example, if you’re developing a film about vampires taking over the world you might want the answers to the following questions:
General Subject Research
Are vampires real? Are all vampires inherently evil?
Historical Research
When is the earliest literary or historical reference to vampires? Which actors have already played vampires in movies? Do any religions believe in vampires?
Intellectual Property Contacts

Who owns the rights to the Dracula story? Isn’t it public domain?


While this is a fanciful example, it shows the kind of background and general research that we can provide to help you create a more believable story.

IndieClear’s researchers are expert in working with libraries, historical societies, and other research resources to locate just the right reference materials quickly.

This type of script research is billed at an hourly rate, plus any telephone and online database expenses incurred. Please contact us with your specific needs.

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