What is Script Clearance Research

IndieClear specializes in script clearance research reports for independent film, television, new media, and web productions.

Script clearance research involves reading and breaking down your script, and identifying all items that represent possible legal conflicts if used as is. This includes character names, business names, product names, organization names, locations, artwork, music, copyrighted or trademarked material, and more.


Intellectual property use is important in film and television production. So intellectual property research is essential in script clearance.

References to featured identification of trademarked brands including Nike, Corona, Yankees, Altoids, Starbucks, Barbie, and other proprietary products are common in scripts. A writer might create a fictional product name, but it could exist. We’ll research the name in trademark sources to help the production avoid trademark infringement. This is trademark clearance.

Creative material like paintings, photographs, poetry, music, lyrics, text, and choreography fall under copyright and is owned by the creator or rights holder. You’ve probably heard of copyright infringement lawsuits. This happens when someone uses an artist’s work without permission. This is a common pitfall in film and television production. In script clearance, we identify creative works in your script, then research and report any copyright infringement. This is copyright clearance.


This information is presented in our easy-to-understand Script Clearance Report that flags items that need your immediate attention. In clear language, the nature of the conflict is explained and solutions are suggested. We also fact-check historical, literary and technical references throughout the script.

The IndieClear script clearance report, however, is not a legal opinion. It should be reviewed by your production attorney for approval before production.

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