On Tax Day 2002, IndieClear Script Clearance began in the bedroom of a backlot house in the Hollywood flats blocks from the Cinerama Dome.

I was an introverted research nerd and movie addict with no real business or marketing experience. Didn’t know much about running a business at all but that didn’t stop me. 

There were two things I knew for sure.

The new wave of indie filmmakers had no idea that making their film wasn’t all they needed to get it distributed. In 2002 nearly 400 independent films were released. “No one is going to stop making movies.” That was my mantra.  

Dedicating a business to independent filmmakers was a crazy idea that could work. A niche within a niche was a good thing. Right?

Using trial and error marketing, I got a call to pick up a script from my first client. So, I hoofed it up the Hollywood Hills to a producer’s converted bath house/office to pick up the script.

One by one I connected with writer-producer-directors with tiny budgets that liked the “indie” in our name.

Attorneys started referring us to their clients and a business was born.

Through the years we have built relationships with the invisible BTL crew: production coordinators, UPMs, Line Producers, art department coordinators; set designers, wardrobe, assistants, post supervisors, clearance coordinators. These are some of the essential people who get films made. They are not invisible, their work is seen and heard in every scene. 

I’m lucky to work with people who are compelled to tell stories that need to be told. They are not deterred by tiny budgets, grueling shooting schedules, crazy locations, borrowed wardrobe, and limited crafty.

They do it over, and over again. 

I remember when a producer went to Utqiaġvik, Alaska, one of the coldest places on earth, to make a film about Iñupiaq teens. Braving the Arctic cold, wrapped in three layers of Everest gear under the Aurora Borealis determined to get it done. And betting on non-actors making or? keeping it real. Their turf, their life. Comfortable out in the cold.

Think “Boys in the Hood” without the actors.

It opened at Sundance. And won international awards. But wasn’t a hit.  A slice of life that not many cared about in 2011. It got made though.  The gems….


Producers are Masters of the Pivot.

The IndieClear team is proud to be part of the independent film community. Thank you.